Asima is best described as down to earth, easy to work individual with an eye for the unusual. Her design philosophy is simple but elegant, creating warmth and maximizing space through use of colors and textures. Her fresh perspectives result in design innovation which allow clients to fully express who they are, and what holds meaning to them.

With a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Information Systems, Asima joined her family business specializing in interior procurement materials. Spending time in an environment such as this and working alongside her father, Haroon Joosub, a renowned architect in South Africa, she learnt about design, colour and interiors. Her extensive travels taught her cutting edge trends and innovative styles, which inspired her to pursue her own dreams and branch off from the family business and start her own.

Asima started designing homes and offices in 2003 which led to her introduction to the hospitality industry in 2017.  AJ5D prides itself on having owner involvement on every project and on creating spaces that are dynamic and sophisticated through use of colors, textiles and lux finishings. Asimas’s vision is to create distinct spaces that are welcoming and comfortable and enhancing the aesthetic beauty.

AJ5D’s portfolio of completed work includes restorations, contemporary renovations and new construction projects across London, Congo, Kenya, Pakistan, India and South Africa